Tower Hill – The Crags & Yambuk Estuary – 3 Hours

Geotours will carry you into a volcanic crater, past an island of Dreamtime stories, and on to a desolate estuary, introduce you to wildlife, Aboriginal culture and stories writ in stone.

Tower Hill is one of the world’s largest maar volcanoes… A maar volcanic crater forms by massive explosion of rock when hot lava enters the water table… This happened at Tower Hill 35,000 years ago, spreading clouds of ash and rock fragments as far as Warrnambool… Today emus, koalas, kangaroos and birds have made the crater their home… Deen Maar is the Gunditjmara name for Lady Julia Percy Island… Formed on the sea floor some seven million years ago, it is Australia’s only offshore volcano… Today it is home to thousands of seals, penguins and birds… Further west Yambuk Lake meets the ocean, a truly stunning estuary… Here the cliffs tell the story of past sea levels and man’s occupation… stories writ in stone

This tour operates subject to demand at a time to suit our clients any day of the week. It departs from the Port Fairy Visitor Centre, Bank Street co-ordinating with Worn Gudidj staff at Tower Hill, so you may learn about local Indigenous history.

It’s a personalised tour, so the time and stops can be varied depending on your interest. We can by arrangement, return to your accommodation or Warrnambool Railway Station.

Other pointsof interest at Yambuk are the Shaw River Buffalo Cheese Farm and Factory, and The Icelandic Horses,both run by the Haldane Family. This is a great story of pioneering enterprise. Visits may be possible subject to prior arrangements.

Getting to Warrnambool & Port Fairy by Vic Rail

Visiting Warrnambool by train is a relaxed and scenic trip through some of Victoria’s most fertile farmland. From there a connecting V Line Mount Gambier bus takes you to Port Fairy, stopping at the Information Centre in Bank Street. You will find V Line ticket offices with friendly staff in Warrnambool and Port Fairy.
Tickets can be purchased over the phone, at major or central stations, or on line – click the button below:

Booking, Price and Availability

Please call Mike or Marjorie, they will be happy to answer your questions and confirm a booking (Call 0402 215 368). No deposit is required and you can pay in cash on the day, by Credit Card or EFT by prior arrangement.

You can also use the booking button to contact Geotours, and we will confirm by email.

Tour excluding meals – $340* for up to 4 people for a 3 hour tour.

  • 4 people cost $85 per person
  • 3 people cost $110 per person
  • 2 people cost $160 per person

*includes the $10 per person fee for the local tour guide at Tower Hill.

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Cancellation Policy

There is no deposit payable for this tour, therefore no cancelation fee applies.

If for unforeseen reasons Geotours cannot proceed with a booked tour we will discuss this with you, try and re-schedule. We value our clients.